How it works

MEDLASE-R is a device that combines the visible red and the invisible infrared radiation. Those two rays considerably penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue, improving the microcirculation.

The secret of MEDLASE-R is the double action of the red and the infrared rays.


MEDLASE-R is easy to use, it is a massager that helps to relieve from joint and muscle disorders, reduces wrinkles and fights cellulite’s derived skin imperfections.

With MEDLASE-R, by stimulating the areas of interest thanks to the massage with the red and infrared ray it is possible to achieve multiple benefits. Try to massage the shoulders, the neck, legs, arms and so on with the tip.. you’ll feel an instant and pleasant feeling of well-being.


1 – foot pain

2 – ankle pain

3 – elbow pain

4 – finger pain

5 – top of the foot pain

6 – heel pain

7 – back pain

8 – headache

9 – calf pain

10 – wrist pain

11 – knee pain

12 – joint pain

13 – shoulder pain


20 minutes a day on each body area for at least 20 consecutive days. After this period continue the treatment on alternate days and/or if necessary.