Carlo Adeferro – Rimini

I had excruciating pain and could hardly walk; I was feeling severe pain especially when I had to do steps. I used to put some ointment to help relieve the pain, although it was not enough since the aching returned. I needed something else; therefore I tried this medical device and now I am feeling wonderfully well, try it to see.

Angelo Colla e Graziella Gaioni – Verona

I had strong knee pain and back pain after eight days of device usage I felt extremely well. It is very easy to use, even for older people like us. My wife had hand pain and now she is feeling very well.
Mrs. Colla: Graziella Gaioni
Before I couldn’t move with my knees, now even my hands feel really good. Actually I was happy after a week, I would never give it back.

Carmelo Di Martino – Verona

My wife had a strong arm pain and every morning when she waked up, she used to complain about it. I’m very happy of this device, I think I spent the money in the best way as my wife no longer complains for the pain.
Mrs. Di Martino: Maria Panarotto
I used to get up from bed that I could not raise my hand and bend it, I could not even comb my hair. I always had to help myself with the right hand, now after 5 sessions of usage I can raise my hand, move it and turn it, I feel very good.

Don Nicola Di Domenico – Roccamonfina (CE)

I used to suffer from severe joint pains, especially on toes and hands. When I went to the orthopaedist he pressed on the painful area and it was really hurtful. After the use of MEDLASE-R it doesn’t hurt anymore. I also had knee pain that affected my ability to go down the steps to go to the communion; I always had to find some support, now I can do it without any help. Considering this there is nothing better to say and as a priest, I recommend everybody to try MEDLASE-R.

Mario Monteforte

My partner had severe cervical and neck pain, after 2 days and 2 applications, she had no more discomfort. The MEDLASE-R is very simple to use, my mother-in-law also uses it for her back and her knees and she feels much better.

Yelma Stefani – Venezia

I had strong knee pain, therefore I started to use this device. Now I don’t feel the pain anymore and I can move, as I could not do before. I can walk freely; I can go to the market and also dancing. I am really pleased with the MEDLASE-R.